Membership Benefits

As a certified member of Arab Professional Translators Society, you will receive the following benefits: 

  • Register on our Job Board: When you register on our Job Board, your resume will become visible to clients looking for linguists.
  • Receive FREE Lifetime Membership: You do not have to pay any membership fees. As a lifetime member, you can receive all APTS services free of charge or at cost.
  • Listing as a Certified Member: You will be listed as a certified member, with links to your profile on Linkedin, and APTS Job Board, allowing clients to contact you.
  • Benefit from our Advertising Campaigns: Our advertising campaigns are designed to expand our network of linguists and clients, providing access to more job opportunities.
  • Receive Training: You will be able to access our training courses FREE.
  • Receive an APTS Digital Certificate: You can order an APTS digital certificate.
  • Receive Assistance in Terminology/Translation: If you face difficulty with a term or a translation, you can contact APTS for assistance.
  • Networking with APTS Members: You can join our groups on Linkedin and Facebook and benefit from discussions in both groups.
  • Publish your Articles: You can publish your articles in our Arabization Magazine.