Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics sets the acceptable professional standards of good practice members of Arab Professional Translators Society (APTS) are expected to adhere to. Membership of APTS implies full acceptance of this Code of Ethics. Any breach or conduct contrary to this Code of Ethics will result in disciplinary action as stipulated in the APTS Bylaws.

Duties of APTS Members:

 Every member shall:

1.         Comply with APTS bylaws and the resolutions of the APTS Board of Directors.

2.         Refrain from any conduct which may harm the interests of APTS and/or its members.

3          Accept jobs for which he/she is qualified and able to timely complete, adhering to a proper level of quality.

4          Provide true and accurate information when representing his/her educational qualifications and experience.

5          Comply with best practices and responsibly, faithfully and accurately perform all translation and interpreting professional activities.

6          Faithfully, accurately and impartially convey the true meanings of materials when translating or interpreting, to the best of his/her ability.

7          Endeavor to stay updated and informed of developments in the translation and interpreting fields, and continually improve his/her abilities to keep abreast of the state of the art.

8          Respect and safeguard the confidentiality of any privileged or confidential documents and information he/she receives from his/her clients in the course of performing all translation and interpreting professional activities.

9          Refrain from any act involving the use of any information received from clients in the course of his/her professional activities for personal benefit or in any manner which may be detrimental or harmful to the client.

10        Abide by the terms and conditions of agreements with clients, act strictly in accordance with applicable laws, and always endeavor to resolve disputes amicably and in good faith.

11        Cooperate with, respect and help other translators and interpreters whenever possible and share with them knowledge and experience to enable them to develop their skills.

12        Abstain from taking part in any action whatsoever which can undermine his/her self-respect or the standing of their profession, or harm the reputation of Arab Professional Translators Society and/or its members.

13        Refrain from offering excessively low fees, unfairly competing with other colleagues or attempting to undermine the reputation, competence and practice of other colleagues in any way whatsoever.

14        When subcontracting translation and/interpreting work to a colleague, guarantee that colleague’s right to fair payment and fair treatment, respect and fully abide by the provisions of any contract or agreement.