About APTS

Arab Professional Translators Society (APTS), based in Beirut, Lebanon, is a not-for-profit association founded in the year 2000; (Registration No. 816, Beirut, Lebanon). We facilitate interaction between Arab translators and interpreters, translation agencies and their clients. Our website displays information on member translators, interpreters and agencies, and allows clients and agencies to post translation jobs. Members also have access to our Arab Professional Translators Academy's translation courses, accreditation tests, a very extensive terminology bank, forums, magazine, online store and many other services.

The purposes of APTS are:

  • To promote the recognition of Arabic translation and interpreting professions;
  • To promote the communication and dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of Arabic translators and interpreters;
  • To formulate and maintain standards of professional ethics, practices and competence;
  • To stimulate and support the education and training of Arabic translators and interpreters;
  • To manage and fund scholarship programs designed to provide higher education for talented Arabic translators and interpreters;
  • To manage and fund award programs designed to provide incentives to outstanding Arabic translators and interpreters;
  • To manage and fund research and development in the fields of Arabic translation and interpreting;
  • To develop and disseminate uniform terminology and assist in the creation of a uniform terminology organization under the umbrella of the Arab League or any other inter-Arab organization;
  • To provide professional testing and accreditation of Arabic translators and interpreters; and
  • To assist members in finding full or part time employment and freelance translation and interpreting work.

APTS strives to achieve those purposes by different means, including without limitation, publishing books, periodicals, dictionaries, reports, research, and developing Internet websites related to translation; holding conferences, symposia and workshops; supporting educational and accreditation programs; maintaining good working relationships with professional organizations; working actively with educational institutions and public and private sector entities; and carrying out any other activities to achieve and serve its purposes.

Our Slogan

Supporting and developing Arab professional translators worldwide

Our Mission

To inspire and empower future generations of translators, interpreters and language professionals to realize their full potential, and help transform the Arab World by making the next generation better than we are.

Our Vision

To become the leading translation and language continuing education and certification NGO in the Arab World.


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