Ahmad R. Al-Shaibani Translation Award

The Ahmad R. Al-Shaibani Translation Award is given annually with a token amount of SAR 5,000 to recognize and support a translator who has translated and published a book, novel, dictionary or other work during the period 2017-2019. The winning translator and his/her work are featured at Arab Professional Translators Society's annual conference. The APTS first annual conference is planned to be held in Beirut, Lebanon on September 20th, 2019.

Eligibility and Submission

Submissions and nominations are accepted beginning October of each year. The deadline for submission of works and nomination of translators is April 30th of each year. All nominees must be certified members of Arab Professional Translators Society.

APTS members, publishers and critics may submit up to three nominations. The submissions are evaluated by an independent panel of judges. The translators whose submitted works meet the award criteria will be nominated. A translator may be nominated for more than one work.

APTS only accepts submissions from members, publishers and critics. The submitted work must be translated from or into Arabic. It must have been published in any country recognized by the Arab League in the previous two years. (The first award covers the period 2017-2019).

Submission Procedures

1. Complete the submission form and pay the submission free of US $ 35 per entry.

2. Send three hard copies of the book, dictionary or other work to Arab Professional Translators Society, Beirut, Lebanon.

For further information, please contact APTS Member Services: members@arabtranslators.org


About Ahmad Rahal Al-Shaibani (1926-1995)

Ahmad Rahal Al-Shaibani (alias Theeban Al-Shammari) was a Lebanese born Saudi author, journalist and translator. He was Advisor at the Saudi Royal Court to Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. German educated, he was one of the first to translate from German and English into Arabic, including the works of leading German Philosophers such as Kant and Hegel. Wrote in Al-Madina and Al-Riyadh Newspapers. Authored and translated many books including A History of European Thought.

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