Specialized Professional Translator Diploma

Specialized Professional Translator Diploma

Languages: English<>Arabic

Prerequisites: Bachelor Degree

Cost: US $ 150 per course; Thesis: US $ 300; Workshop: US $ 200;

Program Total: US $ 1,850 Starting Date: Upon registration of 10 students

Duration: Courses run back-to-back. Next course will start upon completion of current course, 1.5 hours/day 5 days/week.

Estimated time to complete the Program: 6-8 months, including thesis and workshop.

Course No.


Title and Description


Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Fundamentals of Professional Translation:

This English<>Arabic course is intended as a refresher. It helps the student acquire a comprehensive overview of the field of translation studies. This course sets the groundwork for all future translation study, and it provides a foundation on which to build your knowledge and experience. Learn how to use key translation resources, develop strategies, and edit translated texts, while also becoming familiar with the major theoretical and historical landmarks of the field. Leverage key translation tools, including bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, glossaries, parallel documents, and discussion lists, as well as other essential online resources. Topics such as breaking into the translation market, language service providers, invoicing services, time management, and ethical issues related to translation also are covered.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Technical and Scientific Translation:

This course will address a variety of approaches to the translation of science and technology in the broadest sense, from academic papers and patent registrations to everyday product manuals and safety guidebooks produced for the lay reader. Students will gain experience translating technical documents in specialization areas such as engineering and architecture. The course will also examine aspects of environmental science pertaining to construction, machinery, and transportation. While completing practice translations of a variety of texts, the student will also develop research skills and build terminology sets in the subject areas covered throughout the course.


Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Legal Translation:

This course covers advanced topics including appeals, marriage and divorce, decedent estates, patents and trademarks, and real property transfers. Discussions present basic information about civil-law and common-law practices pertaining to appellate courts and types of appeals, marital property systems, inheritance laws, preparation of wills, administration of estates, patent and trademark applications, and property instruments. Materials for translation include appellate briefs and decisions, wills, certificates of inheritance, and deeds.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Terminology and Translation Technology:

Students will gain a solid understanding of the basic concepts and components of CAT tools and terminology management using a few of the more common options currently available. Learn how to work with these technologies and processes more effectively, including dealing with internationalization issues that impact translators; handling a variety of file formats; building concept-oriented terminology lists; and understanding the effects that technologies, such as machine translation, have on translators in the industry today.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Commercial and Economic Translation:

This course provides guidance and practice in translating documents relating to business, economics, financial markets, marketing and advertising for small businesses and larger organizations. Students learn terminology, the style and register of the various types of business communication and ultimately, the adequate translation of texts from and into English and Arabic. The course progresses from relatively simple texts to longer and more difficult ones. Topics covered include business correspondence, corporate and other company structures, types of businesses, manufacturing, news articles on business and finance, marketing and advertising of commercial products, accounting terms, economic reports, sales, payment and shipping documents.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Banking & Finance Translation:

This course provides students with the theoretical background needed in order to specialize as translators in the field of banking, accounting and finance in an international environment. Some of the topics covered are: accounting principles and practices; presentation of financial statements; accounting systems; investment banking; capital markets; financial reporting and analysis; banking systems, operations and transactions. The emphasis is on comparing concepts as they apply to each language pair, with country-specific variations.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Medical Translation:

Students become skilled at translating a wide array of medical texts from and into English to Arabic. Document types include clinical study reports, clinical trial texts, and pharmacology and medical journal articles. Learn about the human body’s systems and medical disorders, and compile personalized glossaries based on standard medical terminology and specialty terms in both languages.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Software and Website Localization:

Software localization is a new and growing area of translation and is closely linked to the globalization of the explosion of electronic communications. In this course, students learn how to adapt software for international markets as well as to how to translate web sites. It is important to emphasize that this area draws upon traditional translation skills, copywriting skills, deep cultural knowledge and familiarity with technology.



Online or on campus

2 weeks / 15 hours

Translation Proofreading and Editing:

This course equips students to edit, revise and review translated documents in a professional context. Topics will include study of and practice in stylistic, structural and content editing; quality assurance processes expected in professional-standard translating; a critical understanding of the role of the editor/reviser/proofreader and reviewer in a professional context and of all stages of the editing and reviewing process.



On campus in Beirut

5 days / 20 hours


This workshop focuses on the practical challenges and creative activities of specialized professional translation. The students and the instructor collaboratively translate documents in five different disciplines, namely banking, finance, legal, contracting and information technology.

Assistance will be provided for securing special hotel rates and arranging sightseeing tours in Lebanon.



On campus or via video conference


Thesis Project:

The thesis can be a large translation of complexity, a localization project, or a research project. Students select their projects with the approval of an advisor and the program director. While working on their projects they have regular communication with their advisors. The thesis is defended in person on campus or via video conference.



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